The day-by-day, 26th December’11 to 1st January’12

The weekly update….

Monday, 26th….
You know what you have given, you know your disappointments, and now you are ready to move on from feeling down and repressed. This is not to say that you will forget…. because you certainly won’t! This is higher, as now you are ready to act on what you have discovered yourself to be. If you are focussing on work, then today is an indifferent day, but things are moving deep inside you to make you more aware of the person you are. If your focus is on relationships, it is a good opportunity to understand why you are here in the first place, and what it says about your committment. If you are working on creating something new, please look at your integrity to the project through your feelings for it. Now is not the time for any compromise.

Tuesday, 27th…
Flowing in from yesterday, if you are conscious of what is going on around you, you will become aware of all your reasons and justifications to be where you are. Your job provides you all the security and stability you need. Your relationships are in a familiar slot, and you don’t usually rock the boat, even when you feel awful. Your life promises to be just the way it is for the next innumerable years, on the promise that you won’t change. So have you been asking for change? Why? You have been working so hard to keep things from changing…. Besides, you had a very good reason to be here. So why do you want to go elsewhere? How deep is your dream that you still see?

Wednesday, 28th…
And everything today can turn around and remind you of your first love…. when you had felt so good about yourself, and about being alive. Your first ambition, your first creation, your first desire for greatness, your first significant other, your first affair, your first pay-cheque… If you are being so reminded, you are being given the opportunity to understand that you are missing that charming feeling in your life right now, and it would do you good to work on bringing it back. Else, nostalgia is a word that you add to your dictionary. If you are thinking of writing up a resolution list, today’s energies can guide you with your true feelings.

Thursday, 29th…
So, be prepared to dig in your heels and work for what you consider important. It would seem that most of us consider stability in all aspects to be the most desirable deal. We would like our financial conditions, our economy, our relationships, our health, our jobs…. everything, to be stable. In that case, what you need to look at is how to bring about that stability factor into everything in your life. A good day to plan financial investments in property, land, education… also, a good day to thank everybody who formulated your ideas of stability, because a change is underlying… though very slow.

Friday, 30th….
Everything you have worked for is closer than you think. Having said that, it is imperative to appreciate the structure that underlies all endeavours, as without such structure, there can be no success to endeavours. Understand that all you need to do, or accomplish… need to have a starting point, a map and a route, with back-up plans and then, the destination. Without such a road-map, the journey would meander. Without the skeleton, the musculature would have no movement. So whatever your focus is for today, look for the structure that made it possible, and appreciate the support. A terrific day to express gratitude to people who have made things possible, and to all father-figures.

Saturday, 31st…
Again, and again are we being called to understand the beauty of our births. It is you who is the creator of your life. It is love that is the material of life… and love can only be understood by loving one-self, first and foremost. Being appreciative of yourself makes you appreciative of others. every person you love, you do so because you vibrate to life because of them. There is no escaping it, whatever the twists and turns you take. The first step is always about the self… and then harmonizing that step with whatever answers you. Of course, the shadow of becoming self-involved to the exclusion of everything else is just as defeating as not paying attention to the self, at all. Start, and then, find your balance. But first, start.

Sunday, 1st…
Happy New Year!
If you have seen a vision…
If you have dreamt a dream…
If you have gathered your tools together…
And you have understood what makes you tick…
What are you waiting for?
The new day is here. Go, create your life!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bodhimoments
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 21:44:41

    Thank you for reminding us about gratitude, and structure. Here’s to the satrt of 2012 the most eagerly awaited change in recent times !


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